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26 February 2017
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Welcome to Stonelees GMC

Welcome to Stonelees GMC
2016 season is underway!

Hi to all our members and to anyone interested in our site!

If you are a Stonelees GMC member and you haven't yet registered, you can register your details with the website and enter competitions online. Simply go to the Login Page and complete the registration section. Your membership will need to be verified before you can then log in and access the members area of the site which includes competition entry forms and members contact details.

This website is for all the male Stonelees Golf Members to use and view. We do try to keep this as up to date as possible, but if there is any information you might need, then please email us at the addresses shown or use the on-line enquiry form for specific enquiries about the Stonelees Members Club.

The Stonelees GMC is run by the members at Stonelees Golf Centre and we run full competitions on the nine hole heights course, currently played as an 18 hole par 72 course, which gives you an official EGU handicap which you can use on any course and includes insurance cover.

For details of membership visit the How to Join page.

Stonelees Golf Members Club Logo Stonelees Golf Members Club
Medal Winners 2016
Feb: M Smith / R Drewitt
Mar: S Finlan / S Jennings
Apr: C Sanders / M Martin
May: P Hunter / R Lloyd
Jun: P Hunter / G Smyth
Competition Winners 2016
Masters :
W : A Gardiner
2nd : P Hunter
Blue Tees :
W :  P Hunter
2nd : C Hogben
Memorial :
W : R Thorp
2nd : G Smyth
Secretary's Scratch :
W :
2nd :
Secretary's Handicap : 
2nd :
Super Seniors :
W : R Thorp
2nd : R Lloyd
Anniversary :
W : G Smyth
2nd : R Thorp
Tony Elms :
W : R Benge & G Lucas
2nd :
Rob Chapman :
W : S Finlan
2nd : N Palmer
Matchplay Winners 2015
Singles Scratch:
W: C.Hogben   R/U: A. Ling
Singles HC:
W: C.Hogben   R/U: A.Gardiner
W: D.Mills/B.Rodwell
R/U: K.Loos/K.Young
W: M.Harrison/S.Jennings
R/U: M.Allerton/C.Sanders
Team Winners
Tony Elms:
W: C.Hogben/P.Hunter
R/U: M.Beeson/M.Allerton
Autumn Handicap:
W: S.Edwards/P.Roddis
R/U: P.Hunter/K.Loos/M.Martin
Easter Story Cup:
W: K.Loos/A.Ling/
W: M. Martin/T.Gambrell/
Captain v Vice captain:
W: VC Team
Men v Ladies:
W: Mens Team